Huey Helicopter Ride

How about a ride in a helicopter? From their base in Wesham, near Preston Lancashire (just off Junction 3 M55), Huey Helicopter UK offers you a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to fly in a genuine Bell UH-1H “Iroquois” Vietnam War combat veteran.

This flight experience is available from March to mid-November and includes a minimum of 45 minutes airborne time in the Huey. Each flight is limited to a maximum of 5 people. Access to the Huey Helicopter Hangar is included for you and up to three guests, plus also…
• A detailed pre-flight briefing including a safety video covering the aircraft, safety equipment and procedures.

• Approximately 10 minutes on board during the pre-flight checks and shutdown procedure.

• Minimum 45 minutes airborne in our genuine combat-veteran Huey: feel the vibration, hear the iconic sound of the blades and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

• A signed flight certificate.

• Plenty of time for a photo opportunity.

It’s less than a mile to the Huey hanger from The Hotel at Mill Farm! For more information, visit